About Us
    The Bali Florist is started by a woman of passion for gift-giving and one who dreamed of owning her own business. Though armed with a background in hotel and digital marketing, she never strayed far from her mother’s early influence; growing up as the daughter of a florist in bustling Jakarta shaped her love for nature and an appreciation for the beauty of the Earth’s flora.

Her work and family life has given her the opportunity to live and travel around the world. Led by her husband's work opportunity in mid 2013, she and her family decided to deurbanise and move to Bali for a back-to-basic lifestyle – one that allows her to enjoy the outdoors and a balanced life. The opening of The Bali Florist is not only a fulfilment of her dream, but also her way of spreading joy and love within a floristry network through the wonder of flowers.
The Passion
"The desire to bring the splendour of flowers and the gifting of beauty in one collective activity is what guides my passion. I am inspired to bring a smile through thoughtful gifts and gestures, as much as I’m able to put my own creative touches to the beautiful elements I work with. I love that there are endless possibilities in creating the floral designs from The Bali Florist, as much as the blessings that will accompany each."
The Floral Family
  1. Liza Latif
    Owner & Founder Jakarta-born Hotelier – Web Strategist – Flower Lover Favorite flower: Lysianthus Motto: "growing together is success together"
  2. Reyka Nirmala
    Florist Assistant Sanur, Bali Music & Flower Lover Favorite flower: Sunflower Motto: "follow what your heart desires"
  3. Savriana Wulandari
    Florist Assistant Sanur, Bali Flower Lover Favorite flower: Marigold Motto: "stay close to those who you can learn from"