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Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
~ Hans Christian Andersen 
The Bali Florist
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We are an artisanal flower shop and boutique in the heart of Sanur, Bali that specialises in rustic bouquets and arrangements. Our unique presentation style features an earthiness with the likes of brown paper or burlap wrapping, jute ribbons and goni strings, perfectly complementing the flowers’ natural beauty.
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Besides the usual retail floral offerings, The Bali Florist also stocks essential oils from Bali-based 'Sandstouch' and a curated selection of home accessories that have been lovingly made in Indonesia. We hope that these items may find a cosy nook in your home, be it to add comfort, zest or a special touch to a personal space.

We have also expanded our partnership with Sobas Patisserie – who lovingly produces Belgian chocolate ganache in various flavourful fillings, and Giftology – whose beautifully created greeting cards are fit for many special occasions. All is available through our online store.
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Beyond floral creations and unique home accessories, you can look forward to participating in intimate classes and workshops where we will share our floristry knowledge.

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Creative Workshop​​s

 We are delighted to share our floral passions with those of you who love to be around nature’s creations.
Our space is even perfect as an intimate floral party venue for adults or floral tea gathering for kids (for up to six persons).

  CALL or EMAIL  us to enquire about upcoming workshops or planning your private and intimate floral gathering.
What we offer
Floral Bouquets & Arrangements
Creative Workshops & More 
Curated Home Accessories
     Our rustic and unique floral creations will add vibrance to any special occasion for a friend, associate and a beloved family member or partner.
Available for delivery all over South Bali.
The love of flowers is our passion and we want to share this floristry knowledge with all eager learners. Keep a lookout and sign up for our intimate and fun classes as we partner with creative experts to organise these workshops.
​​Our selection of quirky and unique home accessories will be a welcome addition to your home, or make the perfect gift to express your thoughtfulness for loved ones.